PT. Namasindo Plas at a Glance

PT Namasindo Plas was established and incorporated in Bandung, Indonesia in 2001. The company started its commercial operation by producing Polycarbonate (PC) gallon bottles with a very humble beginning supported by two (2) units of gallon machines. Currently, the Company is armed with more than a hundred of world-class machinery, and the most advance on its technology to produce plastic products. Today, we are ready to serve our customers in all region of Indonesia and meet their need and expectations.

Plants Location

The major of PT Namasindo Plas’ plants are located in:

  • Medan, South of Sumatera
  • Lampung, Sumatera
  • Sentul, Bogor - West Java
  • Batujajar, Padalarang - West Java
  • Cimerang, Padalarang - West Java
  • Solo, Central of Java


PT. Namasindo Plas.
Kp. Cangkorah, RT 02 RW 01
Batujajar Padalarang - Bandung 40561

Phone: +62 22 6867414 /  +62 22 6868374 /  +62 22 86008668
Fax:  +62 22 6868336 /  +62 22 6868375

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